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responsible yarn



New Zealand is the ideal climate for growing wool. The New Zealand sheep have been purposely bred to grow the right type of fibre for interior textiles and there are currently almost 30 million of them. The sheep in New Zealand not only grow great wool for textiles, but because of the environment is ideal and the sheep are so well cared for they actually grow a lot more wool than sheep from other parts of the world. The large volumes of wool produced allows an economy of scale meaning that wool is moved and processed more economically and with less environmental impact than is possible anywhere else in the world.



The new ECONYL® production, produces polyamide 6 by recycling materials which would otherwise be destined for the incinerator or landfills, either post industrial or above all post consumption, from abandoned fishing nets found on the sea bed to used walk-to-wall carpeting. from fabrics to nylon-based plastic components.