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The weaving technique used at M.I.D. is the so-called Wilton weaving technique. Wilton carpet is produced on a specific type of weaving machine called wire loom. In Wilton weaving, the carpet is woven by using rods. The height of the rod determines the pile height. The pile yarn is then put over the rod and so forms a loop. By pulling the rod out of the loop, the loop pile or bouclé carpet is formed. When the end of the rod is provided with a knife and this is pulled out of the loop, the loop is cut, resulting in the cut pile or velours carpet. It is possible to have combinations of loop and cut piles in one carpet. Adding different yarn colours in the length, giving extensive possibilities of structure and design in Wilton weaving.

Wilton woven carpet is generally considered and known for high quality, strength and durability and is a popular choice for commercial areas as it can stand up to high traffic. In addition, Wilton woven carpet is a very popular choice as high comfort residential wall-to-wall carpet.