M.I.D. was founded in 1932 as a small specialized family owned company. Production started at Van De Wiele looms, creating Wilton carpet by using the purest wool. In the beginning the M.I.D. collections contained a standard range of colours at 100 cm width only, with standard roll lengths. Our first customer base was primarily the residential market in our home country, The Netherlands. 

1955 M.I.D. introduced the custom colour concept. In addition we also started weaving at looms of 455 cm width, offering our customers the possibility of both narrow width as broadloom. At that time we introduced a minimum length of 300 cm only. This step gave M.I.D. new, extensive and challenging opportunities in the custom woven carpet market. 

Till 1966, The Netherlands was the main market for M.I.D., but we expanded rapidly with export. Opportunities were seen in countries like Germany, Belgium, France and Great Britain. Also first steps in export to the United States were made. 

In 1974 M.I.D. expanded the export activities to new areas such as the Middle East. Resulting in the completion of some very beautiful and prestigious projects; Parliament Houses, Palaces, etc. Carpet woven on our jacquard looms with special custom colours and designs.

The use of new yarns was growing in 1989. Yarns such as lurex and silk were used to weave new and special types of carpet. Various projects were completed by using a combination of this yarn. An example is the custom carpet for the Holland America Line, using a combination of lurex and wool.



Expansion in the use of new yarns and design possibilities was made in 1996. With these new steps we have woven carpet for prestigious shops like Cartier and Rolex. 

In 2002 M.I.D. Carpets became part of the Robusta Group in Genemuiden. Robusta has been a specialized weaver for over 50 years. The addition of Wilton weaving to the Robusta Group resulted in a strong and versatile group of weaving divisions. The actual M.I.D. mill was moved in 2004 from Deventer to Genemuiden and has continued in Genemuiden the specialized process of custom woven Wilton carpet. 

2010. Till date M.I.D. Carpets has been a specialized weaver of Wilton carpet, with the unique colour concept and the flexibility in width, using the purest wool. We are proud to have established a recognized position in the world for custom Wilton weaving. Our focus to be innovative and flexible with a high quality standard gives us creativity and trust for the future. Since its foundation M.I.D. has been committed to providing a tailored, individual service, offering quality, flexibility and value for our customers around the globe. M.I.D. Carpets, made to name, made to order!