Olav Slingerland and Christel Verhoeven met at the design academy Eindhoven and have worked together since 1994. Working together they develop concepts for presentations, as individuals they have their own material specialty and style in product design. 

Christel Verhoeven (1992 cum laude design academy Eindhoven) works for the main brands in the Dutch textile world. In the final realization of textile collections she is responsible for all collection developments. From analysis, yarn research, technical translations to the final product and presentations. Material research from concept to a real product, as well as good colour. Work as a coherent total concept in Christel’s work. Social and cultural developments visualized in the form of tendencies are a fascinating aspect of Christel analysis and concept of design processes. As a lecturer she trained students on colour en trend concepts. Always translating new ideas about cultural developments into the real world of good colour and design.

Christel for M.I.D.,

Christel’s work for M.I.D. focuses on the bigger picture, vision of collection and concept as well as getting deep into specific research of new material and colour development. Material research starting from fibres and weaving structures till the presentations of the collections and collection books for MID, Christel is working as a designer as well as the art director for M.I.D.